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Class Projects

Page history last edited by Angus Forbes 14 years, 4 months ago

in progress

Project Page

Team Members


Presentation Date

Project Title (e.g., Macbeth Project) (with link)

Team Members

(with links to bios)

in progress/
@LitPlus Twitter Urban Sensorium Pehr Hovey, Allison Schifani, Dana Solomon complete   
Associative Concordance Angus Forbes in progress... 



Emily Dickinson Collocation Browsers Angus Forbes complete 



Collaborative Media Commons


Zach Horton,, Lindsay Thomas in progress  
Red Badge of Courage Color Concordance Andrew Kalaidjian  in progress  
Zombies Ate My Networked Novel: The Flight Paths Experiment Anne Cong-HuyenAmanda Phillips in progress   


Add the title of your Team Project page (e.g., Macbeth Project) to the list above (in alphabetical order), then link it to a new page that you create using the Team Project Page Format.


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